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  • Research Interests
    • Mathematics
      • Mathematical Logic (Completeness, Decidability, and Axiomatizability).
    • Computer Science
      • Theory of Computability, and Complexity Theory (and relations with Logic).
    • Philosophy
      • Philosophy of Mathematics (Constructivity, Intuitionism, and Incompleteness).

  • Curriculum Vitae (a printable PDF file of my CV, 6 pages).

  Home Publications Talks Lectures Courses Theses Miscellaneous  

  Home Publications Talks Lectures Courses Theses Miscellaneous  

  Home Publications Talks Lectures Courses Theses Miscellaneous  

  Home Publications Talks Lectures Courses Theses Miscellaneous  
  • Honors (a selection)
    • Distinguished Reviewer (Certificate and Letter) of Zentralblatt MATH (2014).
    • The first rank in the national Mathematical Olympiad of University Students (in both of the 1st and 2nd/final rounds), Iran (1997).
    • The first-ranked graduate of Mathematics from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1997).

  • Grant Acquisition (external funding) as Principal Investigator (a selection)
    • Researcher (Grantee) at the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran, Iran:
      • Project Title: On Some Multiplicative Structures of the Rational Numbers (Grant No. 98030022), 2019.
      • Project Title: Gödel’s Second Incompleteness Theorem From Computational Viewpoint (Grant No. 96030030), 2017.
      • Project Title: Resolving Paradoxes By Turning Them Into Proofs (Grant No. 95030033), 2016.
      • Project Title: Structural Comparison of Various Proofs for Incompleteness (Grant No. 94030033), 2015.
      • Project Title: Generalizing Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem for Definable Theories (Grant No. 93030033), 2014.
      • Project Title: The Incompleteness Phenomenon from Computational Viewpoint (Grant No. 92030033), 2013.
      • Project Title: Axiomatizability of Some Multiplicative Structures of Numbers (Grant No. 91030033), 2012.
      • Project Title: On the Decidability of Some Ordered Structures of Numbers (Grant No. 90030053), 2011.
      • Project Title: On the Herbrand Consistency of Weak Arithmetical Theories (Grant No. 89030062), 2010.
      • Project Title: Herbrand Consistency Predicate of Bounded Arithmetics (Grant No. 86030011), 2007.
    • Research Grant awarded by the National Elites Foundation (BMN), Iran (2008-2009).
    • Research Grants from the Iranian National Science Foundation (INSF):
      • Project Title: Diagonal Arguments: From Cantor’s Non-Equinumerosity to Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem (Grant No. 98013430), 2018.
    • Research Grants awarded by the University of Tabriz (UoT), Tabriz, Iran:
      • Project Title: Gödelian Sentences and Unprovable Sentences in Arithmetical Theories (Grant No. S/1400), 2020.
      • Project Title: Self-Referential Sentences in First-Order Arithmetical Theories (Grant No. S/872), 2019.
      • Project Title: The Diagonalization Lemma and its Applications in Logic and Computer Science (Grant No. S/877) 2018.
      • Project Title: Some Philosophical Considerations on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem (Grant No. S/713), 2017.
      • Project Title: Some Considerations on Primitive Recursive Functions and Relations (Grant No. S/712), 2017.

  • Organizing Conferences (a selection)

  • Referee
    • The Journal of Symbolic Logic (JSL of the Association for Symbolic Logic).
    • Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (APAL of Elsevier).
    • Journal of Logic and Computation (JLC of the Oxford University Press).
    • Theoretical Computer Science (TCS of Elsevier).
    • The Review of Symbolic Logic (RSL of the Association for Symbolic Logic).
    • Philosophia Mathematica (PhilMath of the Oxford University Press).
    • Logic Journal of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL of the Oxford University Press).
    • ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL of the Association for Computing Machinery).
    • International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS of the World Scientific).
    • Bulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society (BIMS of Springer).
    • Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JLLI of Springer).
    • Discussiones Mathematicae—General Algebra and Applications (DMGAA of the University of Zielona Góra).
    • Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (NDJFL of the University of Notre Dame).
    • (Proceedings of the) Conferences: (i) WoLLIC 2017, (ii) AFL’11, (iii) ICALP’04.
    • Iran National Science Foundation (INSF).
    • Iranian Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Informatics (IJMSI of Tarbiat Modares University).
    • Mathematical Culture and Thought (MCT of the Iranian Mathematical Society, in Persian).

  • Internet Links

  • Appendix (Some More Information, Pictures, Videos, and Mementos).

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